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Companion Card

A new approach to ticketing for people with a disability who require a companion

The Barossa Arts & Convention Centre support the Companion Card Scheme, which enables a carer free admission to any performance held in the Brenton Langbein Theatre and the Eckermann Theatre when accompanied by people with disabilities.

What is the Companion Card?

The Companion Card is a credit-card sized card issued to people with disabilities. The Companion Card has a photograph of the cardholder and identifies that person as someone who requires attendant care support from a companion.

Who is the Companion?

A companion may be a paid or unpaid support worker of family carer, or friend, or even somebody’s partner. The support of the companion enables the cardholder to participate in most community events.

Who can apply for a Companion Card?

You can apply for a Companion Card if you can demonstrate all of the following:
• you live in South Australia;
• you have a significant and permanent disability;
• due to the impact of your disability you are unable to participate at most community venues and activities without attendant care support;
• and your need for this level of support will be life-long.

For further information please contact:1800 667 110 (Freecall)

Click here to go to the companion Card website