Patch Theatre presents


A magical world of perspective

27th August, 2019
10:00am and 12:00pm

Inspired by Crocket Johnson’s much loved never-out-of-print book Harold and the Purple Crayon, Patch Theatre’s ZOOM follows the basic premise that through human endeavour and imagination we can invent the future, create our own place in the world, and solve problems.

Imagine if you decided to go and play with your dog in the park in the moonlight, but there is no park, no dog and indeed no moonlight; all you have is yourself and a crayon! Like Harold we play with the idea that we can find our place in the world simply by imagining it; we draw ourselves through our story.

ZOOM explores perspective in all its meanings.

The audience will be immersed in a lighting playground and will participate in building a unique world as we animate the space around them.

Age Recommendation 4 - 8 years

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